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Flex Hybrid
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Introducing the Flex Hybrid from Velecta Paramount Paris
The Synergy of Hybrid Performance and Durability

Power: 2300 Watts at Maximum Power Level
Power Levels: 3
Temperature Settings: 3
Separate ION Generator Switch
Cold Shot Button
18 Temperature / Speed / ION Combinations
Grip Positions:
Patented Ergonomic Handle
Decibel Level: 62 dBA
15.5 oz
Length: 7.8 in
Length with Cool Air Flex Extender: 11.3 in
Motor Life: 10,000 hours
Airflow: 100 m3/h
Airspeed: 150 km/h / 93 mph
Motor Warranty: 3 years

Introductory Price

Only $399.95

Environmentally Astute : Velecta Paramount Paris’ Patented Brushless Motor

FLEX HYBRID is equipped with a Brushless Motor which is Exceptionally Long Lasting, Uncommonly Lightweight, Lightning Fast and Unbelievably Powerful…

Durability: 10,000 hours of motor life: versus 800 to 2,000 hours for the competitors’ motors
Featherweight: 70 g (2.46 oz): versus 250 - 300 g (8.9 to 10.6 oz) for existing motors used by the competition
RPM’s: 21,000 vs 18,000 for the highest RPM motor on the market
Power: Your choice amongst 1100, 1900 and 2300 Watts.

Exclusive to Flex Hybrid: The All New COOL AIR FLEX Nozzle + Barrel Extension

With COOL AIR FLEX it’s just as easy to hold the blow dryer by the barrel as with the patented ergonomic handle… and to ensure a better stance with less fatigue. Simple to attach, maintains a consistent temperature of approximately 30C. Holding by the barrel extension extends immediate relief to the arm and to the spinal column while diminishing shoulder, wrist and elbow issues.


TGR 4000i
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X:Q Onyx
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TGR 3600
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